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The parent company of the Bank Pekao S.A. Group (the ‘Group') is Bank Pekao S.A. (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Parent Company', ‘the Bank'), with Head Office in Warsaw, at 53/57 Grzybowska Street, 00-950 Warsaw. Bank Pekao S.A. was incorporated on 29 October 1929 in the Commercial Register of the District Court in Warsaw and has been continuously in operation since its incorporation.

Bank Pekao S.A. is registered in the National Court Registry – Enterprise Registry of the Warsaw District Court XII Commercial Division of the National Court Registry in Warsaw under the reference number KRS 0000014843.

The Bank's statistical REGON number is 000010205.

Both the Parent Company and the consolidating entities constituting the Capital Group has been estabilished for an indefinite period of time.

Bank Pekao S.A. Capital Group (‘Group' or ‘Bank Pekao S.A. Group') is part of the UniCredit S.p.A. Group with its seat in Roma, Italy.

The Bank's shares are quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). The Bank's securities, traded on regulated markets, are classified in the banking sector.

The consolidated financial statement of Bank Pekao S.A Group for the period ended on 31 December 2014 contain financial information of the Bank and its subsidiaries (together referred to as the ‘Group'), and associates accounted for using equity method.

Bank Pekao S.A. is a universal commercial bank, offering a broad range of banking services on domestic and foreign financial markets, provided to retail and corporate clients, in compliance with the scope of services, set forth in the Bank's Articles of Association. The Bank runs both PLN and forex operations, and it actively participates in both domestic and foreign financial markets. Moreover, acting through its subsidiaries, the Group provides stockbroking, leasing, factoring operations and offering other financial services.