Human capital as a key asset

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The principles of the Bank's policy in the area of Human Resources (HR) development are set by its mission and values considered as a key for the Bank sustainable growth.

The Bank invests in training, professional development of employees (in line with their preferences and abilities), creation of a friendly work environment and conducts questionnaire surveys on employees opinion and satisfaction. Significant area of the Bank's personnel policy is outstanding talents spotting within the organization and investing in development of their skills.

In 2014, these priorities were accompanied by a particular emphasis on promoting preferential values of corporate culture shared across UniCredit Group as defined in the Integrity Charter which was accepted in 2006. The ethical fundamentals promoted by the UniCredit Integrity Charter and the rules of conduct recommended by that document have come to be considered as universal standards of behavior required of all employees of Bank Pekao S.A. regardless of their position.