Code of Conduct of the Pekao Group

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The Bank's commitment to complying with the applicable standards is manifested in the development and implementation of the Code of Conduct of the Pekao Group ("Code").

The Code is a set of rules identifying the appropriate way to take decisions and the correct conduct in specific situations. It sets forth the duties and the conduct anticipated of all persons employed by Bank Pekao S.A. or other Legal Entities of the Capital Group of Bank Pekao S.A. ("Group") on an employment contract basis or on any other legal relationship of a similar nature, including members of statutory bodies of Companies, which are members of the Group ("Company").

Observance of the rules set forth in the Code guarantees conduct compliant with the values, mission and corporate culture of the Group and a manifestation of commitment to the highest standards in performing employee duties, provision of services and protecting the reputation of the Group.

The Code sets forth the rules of conduct of the employees, endeavouring to combine the mission of the Companies with the challenges of daily work. The rules set forth in the Code are expected to accompany the employees at all times since they support them in ensuring compliance with the laws, regulators' recommendations, internal regulations and the standards of conduct approved by the Bank.

In accordance with the provisions of the Code, each employee is expected to act ethically, to be honest and loyal, to manifest an attitude promoting collaboration in achieving the Group's objectives, respect and prudent use of the Group's assets, in particular:

  • perform their duties with the highest standards of professional conduct to meet Customers' expectations and avoid behaviour which could be misinterpreted or interpreted in a manner not intended by an employee,
  • act in the best interest of the Customers,
  • apply applicable laws and recommendations of the regulators,
  • observe the Code and other internal regulations.

The Code further identifies that the Managers are expected to take all reasonable measures to ensure compliance of the employees with the applicable laws, regulators' recommendations, internal regulations and the standards of conduct approved by the Bank.

The core principles of the Code of Conduct of the Pekao Group apply to:

  • protection of the Group's reputation,
  • maintaining in the workplace of an atmosphere compliant with core ethical standards,
  • protection of information,
  • prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing,
  • fair competition,
  • prevention of market abuse related to trading in financial instruments,
  • prevention of conflicts of interest (including appropriate management of conflicts of interest if they cannot be eliminated),
  • anti-corruption activities,
  • maintaining the applicable communication standards,
  • protection of assets,
  • non-trespassing on the entrusted business authority.