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BANK magazine – Two awards for Bank Pekao S.A. during "Horyzonty Bankowości 2014" edition

Bank Pekao S.A. took the second place in the ranking "50 largest banks in Poland" organized by BANK magazine and received special award of "Innovator of the banking market 2013" for innovative and groundbreaking solutions in the field of electronic banking: internet and mobile.

In June 2014, at a gala ceremony during "Horyzonty Bankowości 2014" edition the results of the 19th ranking of BANK magazine were announced. The ranking is one of the most prestigious and the most often quoted annual rankings of banks in Poland and the position of the bank in each category results from financial data evaluated by experts co-operating with the magazine editors.


Forbes magazine – Bank Pekao S.A. in the ranking „Najlepsze Banki dla Biznesu" (The Best Banks for business)

In the ranking „Najlepsze Banki dla Biznesu" (The Best Banks for business) organized by magazine Forbes, Bank Pekao S.A. took the second place in the best account for SME category. Prestigious magazine distinguished package „Mój Biznes Mobilny" for the most economical solution within "Forbes basket" i.e. variety of offer and mobile service. According to the magazine editors, there are the most important parameters considered by entrepreneurs in evaluation of corporate account offer.


IR Magazine: nagroda dla Relacji Inwestorskich Banku Pekao S.A.

In edition of IR Magazine ranking in 2014, Investor Relations of Bank Pekao S.A. received award in the category "The Best Investment Relations in Poland" and in the category "The Best Director of Investment Relation" in the CEE region. Prestigious and international award is granted by IR Magazine for the highest quality of investment relations.

The winner of the ranking are chosen in independent survey, that consists of questionnaires and telephone interviews conducted with managers of portfolio assets and financial analysts from across Europe. On the basis of the opinions, IR Magazine honors individuals and teams that have achieved the highest quality of investment relations in the past 12 months. – Mobile banking and mobile payments system PeoPay of Bank Pekao S.A. won the ranking for the best mobile solution in the Polish banking

Bank Pekao S.A. won the ranking organized by financial service for the best mobile solution for retail customers in the Polish banking sector. Authors of the ranking appreciated functionality of the Pekao24 mobile application and advantages of the PeoPay mobile payments system.

The study assessed 20 parameters associated with mobile banking, including among others, possibility of any payment execution, payment execution with the use of QR codes scanning, mobile payment in POS terminal, cash withdrawals from ATM and deposit placement. The number of available functionality and their usability were of the highest importance for the rank granted.
 – Mobile application PekaoFirma24 and mobile payments system PeoPay of Bank Pekao S.A. won the ranking for the best mobile solution for SME

Bank Pekao S.A. won the ranking organized by financial service for the best mobile solution for SME customers.

The study assessed 27 parameters, including among others, possibility of any payment execution, payment execution with the use of QR codes scanning, mobile payment in POS terminal, cash withdrawals from ATM and deposit placement. There were also evaluated intuitiveness and convenience of using the mobile application.


QI Emblem for the Pekao Visa Infinite credit card

In 2014 the Bank was awarded the title of Laureate and QI Emblem in the category QI Product for the Pekao Visa Infinite credit card. The Bank was also recognized as "Highly commended Private Banking" in the prestigious Global Private Banking Awards 2014 in the category of Best Private Banking in Poland.


Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego – Bank Pekao S.A. Leader of de minimis guarantees

Bank Pekao S.A. was honored with the statue of Leader of de minimis guarantees for realization of governmental program de minimis guarantees for micro, small and medium enterprises at a conference organized by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

The Bank is one of the most active banks participating in the program. Till the end of December 2014, the Bank granted ca. 8.9 thousand de minimis guarantees with the value of ca. PLN 2 billion.

Within the de minimis guaratnees program, enterprises can obtain guarantee as collateral of operating and investment loan. Loans are offered by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego through lending banks. It is the first governmental program where the risk associated with guarantees granted is taken over by the Treasury.



Forum Biznesu – The Innovation of the Year 2013 title for the PekaoBiznes24 system and Accounts OnLine

Electronic banking system for corporate clients PekaoBiznes24 has been awarded for the consecutive year the title Innovation of the Year by the judging panel of the competition held by Forum Biznesu, a supplement to Dziennik Gazeta Prawna newspaper. The experts distinguished project of the system revitalization and efficient migration of all users to the new platform.

The title Innovation of the Year 2013 was granted also to Accounts OnLine service which enables customers, among others, to apply for bank accounts opening through the PekaoBiznes24 system.

The awards for Bank Pekao S.A. confirm innovation and functionality of the electronic banking system PekaoBiznes24 and services available in the system.


WSE – Bank Pekao S.A. awarded for the highest value of debt issues in 2013 on the Catalyst market

Bank Pekao S.A for the second consecutive time was prized by the Warsaw Stock Exchange with prestigious award for "the highest value of debt issues in 2013 on the Catalyst market". As for the year 2013, the Bank kept the leader position on debt market.

In 2013, the Bank introduced to trading on the Catalyst market debt instruments (corporate and municipal bonds) with the value of PLN 2.4 billion which accounted for nearly 22% of the value of all last years' issues.


Global Finance: Pekao S.A. Best Subcustodian Bank in Poland

Bank Pekao S.A. for the third consecutive year won the title of the best custodian Bank in Poland – "Best Sub-Custodian Bank in Poland 2014" in the ranking organized by the Global Finance magazine what confirms professional and comprehensive approach to the Bank's custodian services.

The Global Finance magazine in co-operation with experts selected winner among the institutions that provide the best custodian services on local and international markets. The considered criteria include: customers relations, quality of service, competitive prices, technologies applied, development plans, the knowledge of regulations and local practices.




Executive Club: Pekao S.A. Bank of the Year in Private Equity

Bank Pekao S.A. was honoured with the prestigous title Bank of The Year 2013 in a competition Diamonds of Private Equity organized by Executive Club.

Award is granted to individuals and companies associated with Private Equity sector, who contributed to the growth of the Polish companies, are distinguished by a high level of competencies and are characterized by a higher than average economic efficiency and innovations.

Executive Club is a forum of executive staff, whose aims at integration and exchange of experience in business environment. As one of the first such organizations in Poland, Executive Club connects people associated with various sectors of the economy.



Eurobuild Awards 2014: Bank Pekao S.A. for the fourth consecutive time The Bank of the Year in commercial real estate

Bank Pekao S.A. was honored with the title "Financing Provider of the Year, Poland 2014" by jury of competition organized by Eurobuild magazine which is one of the most influential specialized magazine on commercial real estate sector in CEE. Among the winners in their respective categories were also projects financed by the Bank.

Jury composed of representatives of the major commercial real estate companies: real estate developers, investors, consultants, legal advisory companies and banks have selected the winners based on the size, quantity and type of agreements as well as on the reputation of the company. Control over the correctness of winner selection and voting was exercised by KPMG.



EuropaProperty: Bank Pekao S.A. the Bank of the Year 2013 in competition the CEE Retail Real Estate Awards

Bank Pekao S.A. won in the competition for the best bank in the CEE Retail Real Estate organized by EuropaProperty magazine.

The Bank's award in the competition is both a recognition of its position on commercial real estate financing market and confirmation of the Polish position in that field in the CEE. The most transactions of commercial real estate sector in the region are completed in Poland and Bank Pekao S.A. actively participated in banking service and financing of this sector in the country.

In a final gala participated 450 key commercial real estate companies and prizes were awarded in 31 categories by international jury panel composed of commercial real estate experts. The EuropaProperty CEE Retail Real Estate Awards gala is organized every year in order to highlight increasing importance of commercial real estate market in the CEE countries on the international arena.  




EuropaProperty 2014: The Bank of the Year title for Bank Pekao S.A. in competition CEE Investment & Green Building Award

The Bank became a laureate in competition CEE Investment & Green Building Awards, organized by EuropaProperty magazine, which is dedicated to investments and building of sustainable development in the CEE region. Moreover, the Bank was granted with CEE Retail Award in recognition its participation in financing new shopping centers.

The aim of the EuropaProperty competitions is to promote investment opportunities emerging the CEE region.








Card of Bank Pekao S.A. "The best Polish prepaid card in 2014"

Prepaid card of Bank Pekao S.A. dedicated to corporate customers took the first place in competition "The best Polish prepaid card in 2014", whose honorary patrons are, among others, the Ministry of Economy and the Polish Banks Association.

The competition was organized within the framework of International Conference of Central European Electronic Card, which is an annual meeting of institutions and corporates representatives crucial for business card development in Poland and Europe. 




Gold Emblem for investment funds of Pioneer Pekao TFI

Investment funds offered by Pioneer Pekao TFI took the first place and won the Gold Emblem in X edition of national consumer program Laur Klienta 2014.

Pioneer Pekao TFI was awarded the title of the High Reputation Company in a survey PremiumBrand conducted with a use of CATI method among the group of managers of the largest companies in Poland. Reputation assessment was carried out in five areas: references, media atmosphere, social commitment, company as an employer and as a business partner.