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In 2014, Bank Pekao S.A. fostering its strong position on the retail banking market focused on a sale of the key lending products (Pożyczka Ekspresowa, Mortgage Loans), which amounted to over PLN 12 billion, on continuation of activities associated with acquiring of new customers within the project "Klientomania" what translated into acquisition of over 370 thousand of new customers and on increase in customers' satisfaction. The Bank strengthened its strong position on PLN mortgage loans market and was a leader in the sale of loans under the government program "Mieszkanie dla Młodych" ("Apartment for the Young").

The Bank supported the development of cashless transactions in Poland by promoting the expansion of payment card acceptance network and increase the number of POS terminals as well as the implementation of innovative and modern solutions for mobile payments.

In 2014, the Bank as the first bank in Poland and first among the largest European banks introduced mobile contactless payments in HCE technology. New solution enables users of the PeoPay mobile application to execute payments using smartphone in POS terminal accepting contactless payments in PayPass technology and is available in mobiles with Android (4.4 and higher) operational system.

The Bank accompanied its customers in a number of cultural and sport mass events promoting its modern package of mobile solutions. The Bank, in co-operation with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, prepared for the consecutive time a dedicated prepaid card with the image of Woodstock Music Festival and promoted non-cash payments ensuring the opportunity to realize payments using payment cards at the festival. During the Pekao Szczecin Open tennis tournament, the Bank, strongly emphasizing its presence on local market, promoted „Mistrzowska oferta z Pekao SA" with the products specially prepared for this event: Mistrzowska Oferta Eurokonta, Pożyczka Ekspresowa, mortgage loan and discounts provided by partners of the Discount Program.

Within the framework of activities addressed for young customers, the Bank conducted an educational campaign Academy of Finance Pekao, consisting of series of lessons in schools, universities and the Bank's outlets led by the Bank's employees. The Academy aims to provide students with the most important rules of the bank day-to-day services, secure management of savings and knowledge of the innovative banking products.


Savings and investment products

Increase in savings volume in 2014 was supported by development of deposit and investment products offer and in the area of the Premium Personal Banking through the professional assistance of qualified Personal Advisers ensuring support individual finance management. In total, the Bank's retail deposits increased by PLN 3.9 billion in comparison to the end of 2013 thanks to a wide range of deposit products, dedicated communication to clients and increase in e-deposits placed through the Pekao24 system and in Lokata Elastyczna, which interest rate is linked with WIBOR 1M rate plus fixed margin in the entire placement period.

The Bank continued its initiative to promote the idea of regular savings in pension programs. Promotion of the offer to selected groups of clients positively influenced on the sale of IKZE accounts in Dobrowolny Fundusz Emerytalny Pekao and IKZE Pioneer.

In 2014, the Bank implemented for distribution mixed fund of Pioneer Wzrostu i Dochodu Rynku Europejskiego which invests on shares and bonds market in euro zone, a bond sub-fund of Pioneer Obligacji i Dochodu conducted within Pioneer Funduszy Globalnych SFIO, started a new subscription of Strukturyzowany Certyfikat Depozytowy Rynku Brytyjskiego which ensures 100% capital protection at the end of investment and allows diversification of investment portfolio by assets associated with the British equity market, subscription of Strukturyzowany Certyfikat Depozytowy Spółek Europejskich which is based on a basket of shares of seven large and well-known European companies and a new subscription of Strukturyzowany Certyfikat Depozytowy Rynku Amerykańskiego.


Lending products

The Bank offers to its customers a wide range of lending products, including first of all PLN mortgage loans and consumer loans Express Loan (Pożyczka Ekspresowa).


Consumer lending

In the area of cash loans, the Bank was following the consequent strengthening of its position on the consumer goods financing market providing customers with transparent and attractive offer of Express Loan.

Efficiency, transparent rules of financing, possibility of insurance coverage within the available insurance packages adjusted to the individual needs and possibility to sign Express Loan agreement without visiting the Bank's outlet ensure the competitiveness of the Bank's offer among the offers of other banks. Value of cash loans granted in 2014 amounted to PLN 5.7 billion and was by 24% higher in comparison to 2013.

The Bank prepared also attractive loan offer for clients of selected business partners and clients of one of the largest retail chains in Poland.

The Bank continued local and country-wide marketing activities and actively used internal channels of marketing communication, including website dedicated to consumer loan, the Pekao24 system and mobile application.


Mortgage loans

In 2014, the Bank continued its policy of offering only PLN mortgage loans maintaining a leading market position in PLN mortgage loans in Poland. Value of PLN mortgage loans granted in 2014 stood at nearly PLN 6.8 billion and was higher as compared to 2013. The Bank's share in mortgage loans at the end of 2014 amounted to nearly 18% (in terms of volume) noting an increase in comparison to the end of 2013.

In January 2014, Bank Pekao S.A. as one of the first banks introduced to its offer mortgage loan "Mieszkanie dla Młodych" ("Apartment for the Young") under the government program supporting the persons aged up to 35 in acquisition of the first new apartment. The Bank is among leading banks offering mortgage loan "Mieszkanie dla Młodych" and its market share in the sale of these loans amounted to 41% in 2014.

The Bank prepared also a new website dedicated to mortgage loans built in the new technology, which adjusts automatically to the type of the device and informs in a simple and user-friendly way about the mortgage loans, including, in particular, about the program "Mieszkanie dla Młodych".

In addition, the Bank conducted local and country-wide promotional activities of mortgage loans, including promotional campaigns in the Internet and internal channels of marketing communication as well as participated on a regular basis in real estate fairs organized all over the country.


Payment cards

The Bank in cooperation with one of the largest retail chains in Poland, carried out a project that allows transactions using payment cards. Within the project more than 14 thousand of POS terminals has been installed in more than 2.5 thousand locations. Cooperation with the retail chain will enable the Bank to service more than 21.5% of the market of payment cards (in terms of transactions number). Number of retail points, where POS terminals are serviced by Bank Pekao S.A. increased to nearly 51.5 thousand and the number of active terminals exceeded 67 thousand.

In 2014, the Bank recorded growth of 45% in the number of transactions processed in POS terminals in comparison with the previous year. Record-high number of daily transactions in POS terminals of the Bank amounted to nearly 2 million transactions correctly authorized by the Bank's system.

The Bank continued the development of credit card offer and promoted non-cash payments executed with the use of cards issued in MasterCard and Maestro systems organizing competition „1,300 powodów by płacić kartą" (1,300 reasons to pay by card).

Bank Pekao S.A. is the only bank in Poland offering credit cards with the image of the UEFA Champions League and in the first half of 2014, the Bank provided also prepaid card UEFA Champions League.

In addition, the Bank prepared offer enabling issuance of additional credit cards for young persons (above 13 years of age) and continued educational actions for the payment cards users within the scope of contactless functionality. The customers were also provided with automated phone service which enables information on cards, PIN code accessing and payments execution.


Brokerage activity

Bank Pekao S.A. Group offers a wide range of capital market products and services through retail brokerage entities: Dom Maklerski Pekao (Dom Maklerski), a subsidiary Centralny Dom Maklerski Pekao S.A. (CDM) and associated entity Dom Inwestycyjny Xelion Sp. z o.o. (Xelion).

As at the end of 2014, the Group's brokerage entities maintained 353.0 thousand standard investment accounts and offered to its clients an electronic service of investment accounts allowing to buy and sell all instruments listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) and on the BondSpot market via the Internet. As at the end of 2014, the Group's brokerage entities had 181.2 thousand accounts with active access to services through remote channels.

As at December 31, 2014, the total value of assets deposited on investment accounts run by the Group's brokerage entities amounted to PLN 22.4 billion.

In 2014, Dom Maklerski and CDM participated in consortiums serving 5 public offers and in registration of records in the calls for the sale of shares of 29 companies.

Dom Maklerski conducted registration service of three series of Structured Certificates of Deposit in the framework of the Second Issuance Program, operates as the bidder in Covered Bonds Program of Pekao Bank Hipoteczny S.A. for two series of covered bonds as well as conducted registration service for the shares of UniCredit S.p.A under the Employee Share Ownership Plan dedicated to employees of UniCredit Group. The product offer of Dom Maklerski was enhanced by a new product – advanced orders, which on the basis of defined parameters automatically adjust the client's orders to the changing market conditions, allowing thereby for more efficient portfolio management.

As at the end of 2014, CDM had 15 distribution agreements concluded with investment funds, including two foreign partners and co-operated with three transfer agents. Within the framework of distribution of investment fund units, CDM served IKE Pioneer program based on two portfolio strategies. In CDM offer, customers were provided with close-end investment funds which are attractive investment form for investors, distributors as well as investment funds and with insurances in agent sales model (individual insurances).

In 2014, the Group's brokerage entities conducted projects related to adaptation to the European Parliament internal regulations within the scope of CRR, CRD IV and EMIR.

In 2014, functional development of the Pekao24Makler remote service were continued. There were implemented, among others, new authorization methods in telephone service, new access channel to account, transactions and orders, netting in securities, automatic settlements and reduced settlement process of cash market instruments which allow to lower costs of investment companies and increase of attractiveness of financial market. Additionally, in the Pekao24 mobile application, the ability to track online trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) and NewConnect as well as to make transactions on WSE, NewConnect and main European stock markets.


Pekao24 – electronic banking for individual clients

The Pekao24 electronic banking system is a convenient and safe system for accessing the accounts maintained by the Bank, Dom Maklerski and CDM. The system enables to manage the funds accumulated on the accounts through the Internet, fixed-line or mobile phone and through Contact Center.

The Bank's customers have also the opportunity to use mobile banking application dedicated to mobile phones and devices. Pekao24 mobile application is the most advanced mobile banking application on the market. It enables to execute most of the operations available via the Internet service and to access additional functionalities such as geo-location of ATMs, branches and stores as well as to track market information.

As at the end of December 2014, the number of clients with an access to the Pekao24 system amounted to 2,661.2 thousand. In the fourth quarter of 2014, 1,448.4 thousand clients logged into the electronic banking services.

As at the end of December 2014, the number of clients with an access to mobile banking amounted to 595.9 thousand. In the fourth quarter of 2014, 229.9 thousand of clients logged into the mobile service and the Pekao24 mobile banking application.





Number of individuals with an access to electronic banking Pekao24 as at the end of period



Number of individuals actively using electronic banking Pekao24 (*)



Number of individuals with an access to mobile banking as at the end of period



Number of individuals actively using mobile banking (**)



(*) A customer actively using electronic banking is a customer who logged in to the system at least once during the last quarter.
(**) A customer actively using mobile banking is a customer who logged in to the mobile service or the Pekao24mobile application at least once during the last quarter.

The most important projects realized in 2014 in the Pekao24 electronic banking system included:

  • implementation in the Pekao24 internet system the possibility of signing cash loan agreement and loan disbursement on customer account without visiting the Bank's outlet,
  • providing the customer with preferential exchange rates,
  • providing consultant service in the Pekao24 hotline available 24 hours and 7 days a week,
  • providing opportunity to order and download a Credit Profile report from Biuro Informacji Kredytowej (Credit Information Bureau),
  • offering Mobile Deposit dedicated to users of the Pekao24 mobile application.


Private Banking

Private Banking of Bank Pekao S.A. is the leader on the market in terms of assets under management. Customer service model is based on the professional care of dedicated advisers who provide customers with product solutions customized to their individual needs and market situation. The group of advisers consist of experienced employees holding certificates of qualification of reputable institution European Financial Planning Association. The advisers are supported by assistants and product specialists teams what combined with a unique experience and knowledge of local market and global know-how of UniCredit Private Banking allows to maintain high level of services and to develop an offer for most demanding customer segment.

Private Banking clients are provided with full access to the Bank's product offer and solutions offered exclusively to this segment such as; Eurokonto Prestiżowe package, prestigious credit cards, structured deposits Indeks na Zysk and dual currency deposits. Thanks to the Bank's co-operation with Pioneer Pekao TFI S.A. and Centralny Dom Maklerski Pekao S.A. (CDM) customers have an access to a wide range of investment offer, including both domestic and foreign investment funds.

In 2014, the activities in the area of Private Banking were focused on dynamic development of the Bank's offer dedicated to the wealthiest segment of clients as well as on initiatives aiming at acquiring of new customers.

The Bank's offer was enhanced by currency exchange service available in the PekaoInternet service for customers using the Pekao24 system and holding accounts in at least two currencies. The service provides customers with favourable exchange conditions and convenient way of transactions processing through the Internet.

The scope of co-operation with customers was extended by servicing companies accounts run by owners or shareholders who are Private Banking customers. Customers, through the contact with Private Banking advisor, have opportunity to make operational and investment orders both on individual as well as corporate accounts.

Private Banking, in the co-operation with selected external partners, extended its offer by a unique solution associated with private intergenerational transfer and assets transferred in succession process.

In the investment area, the Private Banking activities were focused on diversification of portfolios towards increasing exposure on global investment strategies using the opportunities offered by foreign investment funds included in offer dedicated exclusively to Private Banking customers. The investment's offer within the scope of foreign investment funds was enhanced by solutions provided by Schroders Investment Management. The customers were also provided with opportunity to participate in the corporate bonds subscription denominated in EUR issued by a construction company operating in commercial real estate market. In addition, four subscriptions of structured products "Lokata Indeks na Zysk" were conducted and the customers were offered, among others, deposit with interest coupon depending on index fund Lyxor UCITS ETF Stoxx Europe 600 Healthcare.

Within the insurance of Plan Inwestycyjny Prestiż, a list of insurance equity funds was extended by a next 11 solutions representing investment strategies that complement the existing offer (including funds managed by JP Morgan). Currently, there are 51 insurance equity funds, including 3 funds in model portfolio formula.

In the Private Banking lending area, the Bank initiated a series of projects associated with adjustment of financing offer to expectations of the wealthiest customers, including the mortgage area financing.

In 2014, the Bank organized meetings with customers during which the experts of co-operating investment funds were discussing current situation on financial markets and appropriate investment solutions. In order to support acquiring activities and to strengthen relationship with customers, the Bank participated in prestigious events for wealthy customers.