Credit Process for the Management Staff and Entities and Persons Related to the Bank

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Pursuant to the provisions of the Banking Act and applicable regulations of the UniCredit Group, credit transactions with members of the Bank's Management and Supervisory Boards, with persons who hold managerial positions and entities related to them, and with persons included in the list of the UniCredit Group's corporate officers, are entered into on the basis of relevant Rules adopted by the Bank's Supervisory Board.

The Rules determine in detail the principles of the decision-making process as regards entering into transactions with the abovementioned persons and entities, and they also specify levels of authority to make relevant decisions, and their authority limits. Specifically, the decision to grant a loan to a member of the Management or Supervisory Board or to entities related to them by equity or organisational links, is made by the Management and Supervisory Boards by way of separate Resolutions if the total exposure to such person or entity exceeds the PLN equivalent of EUR 10,000 translated at the mean exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland.

Members of the Bank's Management and entities related to them by equity or organisational links may use the Bank's credit products in accordance with the terms and conditions normally offered by the Bank. In particular, in relation to such persons and entities the Bank does not apply preferential interest rates; the credit risk assessment is made in line with the methodology routinely employed by the Bank in the case of a given customer segment and type of transaction.

With respect to entities related to the Bank the standard credit process is used, while the decisions on entering into transactions are made exclusively by relevant authorities at the level of the Bank's Head Office.