Reporting Transactions by Obliged Persons

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Pursuant to the Rules, obliged persons are required to notify the Financial Supervision Authority and the Bank of any transactions, executed by such obliged persons or by persons closely related to them for their own account, involving purchase or disposal of the Bank shares, derivative rights attached to the Bank shares and other financial instruments related to such securities, admitted or sought to be admitted to trading on a regulated market.

Obliged persons include:

  1. Members of the Management and Supervisory Boards and proxies of the Bank,
  2. other persons who hold management posts in the organizational structure of the Bank, have permanent access to inside information related, directly or indirectly, to the Bank, and are authorised to make decisions concerning the Bank's development and business prospects.

The Bank promptly discloses the information it receives simultaneously to the company operating the regulated market (Warsaw Stock Exchange) and to the public in a current report prepared according to a pre-defined format and using the appropriate IT standards.