Investor Relations

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The Bank's activity in investor relations area is focused on providing transparent and active communication with the market through active co-operation with investors, analysts and rating agencies, as well as fulfilling disclosure requirements within the frameworks of applicable law regulations.

The Bank's representatives regularly hold a lot of meetings with investors in Poland and abroad, and take part in most of the regional and sector dedicated investors conferences. Financial results of Bank Pekao S.A. Group are presented quarterly at conferences that are simultaneously transmitted via Internet. In 2014, there were four conferences held to present the Bank's financial performance and ca. 500 meetings with investors and analysts.

The Bank's financial results and its activity are regularly monitored by analysts representing Polish and foreign brokerage entities. In 2014, 28 analysts published reports and recommendations on the Bank.

The main activity of the Bank's investor relations is to enable the market to make a reliable evaluation of the Bank's financial situation, its market position and business model effectiveness in the context of banking sector conditions and macroeconomic situation in the domestic economy as well as on international markets.

Relevant information for the investors about the Bank is available on the Bank's website: The Bank publishes also on-line annual report available on the Bank's website. In addition. on the Bank's website is posted "Information Policy of Bank Polska Kasa Opieki Spółka Akcyjna regarding communication with investors, media and customers".