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On March 11, 2014, our Board of Directors approved the five-year Strategic Plan with the object of ensuring sustained profitability over the coming years. The plan is based on solid fundamentals, a strong culture of risk management and an improving macroeconomic climate. Our goals are to consolidate our leading position in corporate financial services across Europe, to institute an innovative mindset throughout our retail network, and to establish a cutting-edge digital footprint.

UniCredit understands its role as part of a far-reaching system that leverages resources, or capital, to generate shared value. Indeed, the solidity of our business depends on the prosperity of our customers and of the communities in which we operate. To create greater value we, as a bank, develop innovative solutions that form attractive investment opportunities and also generate positive outcomes for our Group.

We adopted our five-year strategic plan building on our solid fundamentals, with the purpose of ensuring sustained profitability, and making the best possible use of the resources at our disposal.

This is how we continue to respond effectively to our stakeholders' priorities.


* See 2014 Group Integrated Report for details.