Organizational changes

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In 2014, there were changes in the organizational structure of the Bank's Head Office.

In the Identity & Communication Area were grouped tasks of Internal Communication Office and the Group Media Relation Office in one unit – the Communication Office. The aim of the change was to further develop and to strengthen the visual identity of Bank Pekao S.A. Group and communication and co-operation strategy with all stakeholders.

In the Private Banking Division, the sixth Regional Sales Office West Area was established in order to better exploration of market potential and to strengthen the Bank's presence in Private Banking segment in the west of the country.

In the Logistics and Procurement Division, the Mailing Distribution Center was moved to Bank Services Department in order to concentrate tasks related to management and handling of correspondence in one unit.

In connection with the new requirements in customer service resulting from the FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) regulation, in Tax Department of the Financial Division FATCA Team was established, whose task is to monitor and carry out activities to ensure the Bank's compliance with the requirements of this regulation.